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Rosewater 1800x2700

Rosewater is slated for release: 7/1/14 through World Castle Publising. This is the story of six friends who embark on the adventure of a lifetime to mark the revival of the Druidic religion. Rosewater contains a well written balance of adventure, romance, horror, and comedy that will entice the reader to swallow the book whole and not put it down until the end.

Delia Dumont has just returned to New Destiny Village after completing her groundbreaking run on the Broadway stage. As she and her close friends gather for a summer of fun, they find out that they are heirs to a great culture of ideas that is about to be released. They share fantastic adventures as they partake in the rituals of friendship that will lead to the rebirth of Druidism.

But when a shadowy figure comes to New Destiny Village, seeming to be a knowledgable host to the coming events, trouble fills the air and strange occurences plague the community. The events of the revival become monstrous in their scale and severity, while the village itself is unaware of what the shadowy host has in store for them or for their new awakening. Will there be new paths of awareness for humanity revealed, or will there be damnation for all? http://www.worldcastlepublishing.com/author-mason-kuldinow.html


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